The Leggings

Discover the ultimate comfort and style with our collection of maternity and postpartum leggings. Our leggings are designed to cater to your changing body during pregnancy and postpartum recovery. They feature a stretchy, breathable fabric that adapts to your growing belly and provides optimal support to your body.

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We understand

Made by Mamas for Mamas, Uk born Jade Koroma founded Mum Essentials in 2021.Jade has held various positions working for fashion brands prior to becoming a Mum herself. She has survived to tell the tale of motherhood and is still on a journey to discovering more.

We are so excited to join you on your special journey too and hope we can aid in making it an extra special one.

Simplicity is key

Jade designed and created what she wished she had when pregnant with her daughter. She struggled to find clothing that made her feel comfortable and fit well during and after her pregnancy.

Mum Essentials allows Mamas to save time and money by only buying the essential items needed during motherhood.

When you’re a busy Mum simplicity is key. Each piece is designed to work with your existing wardrobe to ensure comfortability.

A Sisterhood

Mum Essentials is a women’s brand, cultivating ready-to-wear, essential pieces for Mums and women who are after everyday comfortable wear. Whether it be Maternity Leggings or versatile clothing, Mum Essentials is here to help. 

Last the test of time

Mum Essentials isn’t defined by seasons and doesn't adhere to trends but curated to bring you forever pieces that will last the test of time.Each piece builds on the last, to create a high performing mum essential wardrobe for today’s modern mum, for every woman.

 Our job is done when pregnancy and beyond is more comfortable, and enjoyable, because you were able to dress and feel like you. 

Thank you so much for entrusting us to join you on this beautiful journey.

With Love,

Jade x