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How to Find Time for Yourself in your Motherhood journey: Tips and Tricks

Finding time can be difficult. Before my daughter was born I didn't appreciate the full 24 hours in the day. I went to my 9- 5 job, had a daily battle of deciding whether I wanted to go to the gym. I decided on the day what I wanted to eat and then relaxed until the evening. 

Oh how things are very different now. 

That flexibility no longer exists with motherhood and a lot of planning has to take place. Without a plan, the whole day will be a complete mess and priorities will certainly not be prioritised. 

We make many excuses and play with time and quite frankly our little ones can take up a lot of it. If we leave it up to 'finding' the time then we'll always come up short.

One thing that helped me, was realising that no matter how long I searched, I was not going to find more. 24 hours remained the same and it was not going to increase any time soon. 


I always made the excuse of, I just don't have the time or I just can't find the time to do the things I really wanted to do. 


But ultimately I needed to make the time. 


Below are the pointers I reflected on to do so - 


What are your goals?

Why do you want more time? This was my first question to setting my goals. Discovering what I needed to do and why, helped me to add clarity to my day. 

It helped me to truly break down my goals into achievable daily tasks. Once I did that, I was able to see where in the day I could fit these in. 


Breaking down my day.

Without breaking down the day how will you know whether you can add more in? 

Breaking down your day into a list will help you to prioritise and plan better. I found it also helped to ease anxiety. Often, without a plan we feel flustered and by the time we get to the end of the day we're not quite sure what we actually did for ourselves.

Learning to do this will allow you to fit more in and feel more satisfied. 


Giving yourself grace. 

When I started adding myself to my list, I would at times be hard on myself. Being a mother doesn't often allow for a structured, streamlined day and I was all about structure! 


I had to let go of the idea of perfection and realise that although I am working on finding time, I may not always find it and When I didn't realising that it's ok, I have another day to get through it all. 

You got this mama. It will never be perfect. Give yourself grace and time. You deserve it. 


With Love, 

A fellow Mum

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