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How to Adapt to Motherhood: Tips and Strategies

After giving birth life changes. We Change and essentially become a new version of ourselves.


When I had my little one I tried to stick to the same routine I had before I was pregnant. I soon realised this was impossible. My previous routine only consisted of what I needed and didn't factor in a little person. Me trying to push the narrative of being able to remain myself soon wore thin.


What made it worse is I mainly pushed that narrative to prove more so to others, than myself, that I'm a perfect mum who is coping, when quite honestly I was breaking from the weight that those lies carried.


The definition of balance states, it is an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Therefore me not embracing motherhood as it was, but instead trying to balance my previous life and motherhood, created an uneven scale.



It took a while for me to truly come to terms with my new reality, but once I did, I took the following steps to be able to finally embrace the new me.


1.First coming to terms with life as it is now

Having a child doesn't have to be the end of us. Many believe this to be the case however we just have to embrace the new version of ourselves. The resilient , strong,  beautiful mother and woman that you are. It's time to look at yourself with caring and understanding eyes, to finally see that the life you have now can be so much better than the previous.  You created life and you are an example of strength.

2. Recreate the new you

Now that we see who we are. It's time to recreate. Lets look at past task, goals, actions we may have taken without our little person. How can these goals, tasks and actions be adapted to the new you?

3. Accepting your body 

What many of us forget to realise, our body went through a traumatic event and we survived. We take that for granted and instead what follows, we become our worst enemy, our own internal bully.
It's time to stop pointing fingers at the things you call flaws and instead embrace them as your trophy of accomplishment. You did it! Give yourself grace, allow yourself to breathe and recover mentally.

4.  Give yourself time

It's not going to be perfect and quite honestly it never will, but what I can promise is, you will find your feet and create your own routine which will be perfect for you. However while building that routine, give yourself time to put the pieces of your new world together. Every journey is different. Take your own route, take a break when needed and then when ready keep going.

You got this.

With love,

Jade - Founder of Mum Essentials
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