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Holiday Essentials List for Mum and Baby

Chances are that if you're reading this, you've got a baby and will be going on holiday soon. It's all about the gear for a baby holiday, the nappies, bottles, wipes and cream. But what about the non-baby gear?


When you're traveling with a baby, there's a lot that needs to come with you. And while it may seem like you're packing enough to move into a new house, it's important to remember that what you have is just the basics.


Here are some baby essentials that we think every parent should pack when traveling with a child:


1. A reliable stroller.
Travel Buggy

You'll need it for long walks and trips, so make sure it can handle rough terrain and is easy to fold up for storage in your hotel room


2. A portable crib.


Get a crib that will fit easily in your hotel room and doesn't take up too much space when it's not being used.


Top tip! Get in contact with your hotel beforehand to find out if they provide this.


3. A diaper bag


Your diaper bag should be big enough to hold everything you'll need for several days (including diapers, milk, snacks etc), but small enough that it doesn't weigh down your shoulders when you're carrying it around all day long!


4. A portable high chair (or two!)


If you're planning on eating out at restaurants while on vacation with your little one, make sure you have a portable high chair or two so they can join in on the fun of dining out.


Top tip -Again, check with your hotel to see if they will provide this. 


5 . Diapers and wipes


You'll need these! You can't leave home without them and if you do, we're praying for you!


6. Bottles and formula


Also remember to pack enough formula if they prefer it over breast milk or pumped milk.


7. Pacifiers


If your baby likes pacifiers (or even if they don't), make sure you pack enough for the trip! These can help calm down fussy babies or give them something to suck on when they're hungry or tired during long road trips or flights across time zones

8. A good book for the plane and new toys
Travel toy for babies

Buying a new book and toys will definitely help with keeping the little one distracted on the plane.


9 . Sunscreen


To protect your little ones skin and create that much needed barrier against the sun rays


10 . Changing pad


This is another essential item that should always be packed when traveling with small children; babies need changing often when they are away from home because they get bored easily without stimulation from familiar surroundings. It's also great just in case the airport baby changing isn't up to scratch!
It may be a bit of a challenge to travel with a baby, maybe even more so overseas, but it's not impossible. In fact, traveling as a family could be one of the most rewarding holidays that you go on, and I hope that this article gives you a few ideas and tips to make your travels easier, more enjoyable and stress free!

With Love,


A fellow mum

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