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How to Embrace My Body After Having a Baby

After giving birth to my little one, the body I once knew had evolved. The weight I tried to gain all those years ago as a young woman finally found me. My chest was bursting at the seams (quite literally).

When I looked into the mirror another woman was staring back at me. A beautiful strong woman, but at the time I chose to reject that fact.


We at times forget how strong we are and how much we as mothers have gone through. If we remembered, we would offer grace, acceptance and love to the woman that endured childbirth. The woman that wakes up 3 (if not more) times a night. The woman that is carrying her family and the woman that is home to many.


It took me a while to get to the stage of acceptance, but once I got there my view on my post-partum journey changed.


Below is how I adapted my wardrobe and mind to make room for my new best friend - me.


1. Assess your wardrobe.

After I gave birth, my wardrobe was a complete mess. There were clothes that didn't fit. Maternity clothes that I no longer wore and clothes that had been sitting in my wardrobe for years collecting dust.

I had to go through it all and assess what was staying, what was going into storage for later use and clothes that had a long over due cel by date.


2. Organise

Now that you've sectioned of your wardrobe it's time to reorganise. When I was doing this I made sure to remove everything I no longer wanted. Things that no longer fit, things that no longer gave me joy and instead turned my attention to what I wanted to look like. Did I want a clean look or maybe a more relaxed look.  Whatever it was, I made sure to only have items in my wardrobe that contributed to that.

3. Be Kind 

The most important tip to take home from this post is to be kind. As new mums we tend to want everything to be perfect straight away. We forget that this is a process and not a race.

A process is done over time and with it we need to exercise patience and grace. We won't always look the way we want to straight away and that is fine. Our bodies evolved over a 9 month period. Some more, or some less. But we didn't produce our babies overnight, it took time.

I had to remind myself of this. Even now, as I am typing, putting these words down on paper it truly resonates with me that time is an extremely important factor to any form of change. 

Give yourself time and be kind. 


With Love, 


Jade, The Founder x


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