A Heart-to-Heart with Zoe: Navigating Parenthood with Move Thr

A Heart-to-Heart with Zoe: Navigating Parenthood with Move Thr

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It's Jade, your friendly host, and we've got a real treat for you in our latest episode. Today, we're hanging out with Zoe, the awesome mind behind Move Thru – a game-changer for all you parents out there.

Rollercoaster Ride into Parenthood

So, picture this: 2021, Zoe and her partner step into the wild adventure of parenthood. It's like this crazy rollercoaster, right? Full of magical moments and those "what on earth am I doing" kind of times. Can you relate?

We're All in This Together

But guess what? Zoe discovered something amazing. In those moments when parenthood felt like a mix of joy and chaos, she connected with other parents who were feeling the same way. That "I'm not alone" feeling? Yeah, it's real.

Move Thru: Real Talk for Real Parents

Now, here's where it gets interesting. While everyone was throwing baby tips at Zoe, she noticed something missing – advice for the parents themselves. It's like, in the midst of baby world, there's this struggle to figure out what you need as an individual and as a couple.

Move Thru – It's Like Your Parenting Wing-Person

And bam, Move Thru was born! It's not just a platform; it's like having a best friend who's been through it all. Move Thru is all about giving parents tools and a cool community to help them level up in this wild journey called parenthood.

So, What's the Deal with Move Thru?

It's everything you wish you knew about being a parent but didn't. Move Thru hooks you up with real talk, practical stuff, and a crew of parents who get it. It's not just about the baby; it's about you, your growth, and keeping the flame alive in your relationship.

Get Ready to Hang Out with Zoe on Essential Talks

Ready to dive into Zoe's world? We're chatting about the ups, downs, and everything in between that led to Move Thru. This is your invitation to join the fun, subscribe, and let's make parenthood a bit more awesome together.

Parenthood's like a wild ride, and Move Thru? It's your secret weapon for rocking it. Join Zoe, the brains behind Move Thru, on Essential Talks – because parenting is a journey best taken together!


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