3 Simple Ways to Support a New Mum: Tips and Ideas Mum Essentials

3 Simple Ways to Support a New Mum: Tips and Ideas

A baby entering this world is such a beautiful moment. Life, New life has begun. But sometimes with change comes the challenges, the challenges of child birth, the challenges of managing ones emotions, the challenges of change. Birth isn't always pretty and I'm not just talking about the physical birth of a newborn, but the birthing of something new, be it a new business, a new diet, a baby.


Each of these bring uncertainty and at times discomfort. When it comes to being a new mum the challenge of this can at times be overwhelming, which is why it is important to have as much support as possible from friends and family.


Ways that you can help to support a new mum and keep her stay a float in this new overwhelming time.


Listen -


Sometimes we just need a listening ear. We want to express how we feel and at times it may sound like conflicting babble. "I'm happy, but I'm sad", etc etc. Allow her to ride these roller coasters of emotions. Soon she will come to the end of the ride and she will be grateful that you were there for her during this time.


Offer help i.e - cooking, cleaning.


Most people are extremely excited when a new baby is born, however what at times comes with the excitement is the tendency to forget about the mother who is often then left to cater to guests. This can lead to sleep deprivation and could also lead to her feeling forgotten. We don't want that now do we? A way to help her to feel loved and remembered is to simply offer help. Many may decline but it's the thought that counts.


Tell her how well she is doing.


Motherhood is definitely one of the hardest jobs in the world. I used to hear this myself but never truly believed it until I experienced it myself. As a new mum we challenge every thought in our mind, that we are doing well. It often gets replaced with, ' we can do better', 'I'm not doing great' but hearing those beautiful uplifting words, ' You're doing well can help to make those positive thoughts we often fight again become more of a reality.


With Love.

A fellow mum x

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